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iPhone remote controls that will change your life ... on the cheap!


Allen's new 65" 3-D TV works perfectly, even without the ability to get an HDMI cable to it from across the room!

(Well, I guess we could have ripped off his baseboards and drilled all the wall studs ($$$) in this basement theater but we still would've had a problem with 3-D content over the 59 ft span.)


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Who is AVIA-Designs anyway?

We have been assisting Homeowners design and build Music Systems and Home Theaters since 1978 and in the Metro Atlanta area since 1981. So we aren't new to the industry. We enjoy what we do.

The most recent development in home electronics is the affordable integration of your lighting, comfort level (HVAC) and home security as well as effortless control of your home theater, whole home entertainment systems and computer networking. This automation of home electronic systems is very exciting and easy to use due to the seemingly constant stream of new and upgraded products that are being added every day. For instance, you can now automate and control all of your home's systems with your i-Phone / i-Touch. How COOL is that?

Please feel free to browse our pages for design tips and construction ideas for YOUR project! There are plenty of Home Theater Calculators that are designed to help you with Seating position and arrangement, Projector Throw Distance, Platform Height, Viewing Distance and other room design criteria.

E-Mail or call the phone number above if you would like for us to design, build and install a system that will best fit your needs and budget.

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